Travel to Tajikistan

Why Tajikistan?

Any Tourist Destination in the world will have maximum of 2 or 3 specialties or reasons which attract tourists to that place,
But when you consider Tajikistan as a Tourism Destination; then you will find so many number of reasons and specialties which attract most variety of Tourists from all part of the world.

All most anything a Tourist expect from a Tourist place like:

  • Natural beauty and Cleanliness
  • Activities and Professional Assistance
  • Hospitality from the Local Public & Safety
  • Accommodation, Food and Best facilities
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Culture & Historical Values
  • Entertainment & Festivals
  • Reasonable cost and foreign exchange
  • International Relationship & acceptance of the Country
  • etc.

As a tourist to Tajikistan you have a lot of options for your indoor & out door activities, sight seeing and adventure, leisure and relaxing, fun & entertainment etc., 

and coming to this beautiful country is hassle free from India with easy Visa processing and Direct flight from Delhi to Dushanbe